Thursday, April 28, 2011

I GOT IT !! ...figured out ~ that is.....

Whew!!!  I finally fixed my title post....what a nightmare....If you remember...I was messing around with my fonts and colors....well, thats a ~NO~NO! 

Sometime ago I came across some directions from Kevin and Amanda's website on how to play around with your fonts on your blog with your titles and sidebars. 
Well, their great directions....when you FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS......(lol)...!!!!   It took me alot of hours to figure out how to fix the big, bold, hot pink, size 50 title that I had.  YIKES!  I only wanted to see if it really worked and so I picked big bold colorful font....and then...I tried to reverse the directions...well it doesn't quite work that way...
What I didn't realize until how it actually all tied in together....I was just doing what the directions said to do...not really understanding the WHY behind it... so, after many many failed attempts to fix it ( I read those directions a thousand times!)... The light came on!  Now I get it!!!! 
WoW! - its taken me how long???..yeah, Im blonde.

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